Since the anime boom in the 1990s, the world of anime which formerly only had been about watching a story of animated characters on Televisions has gone beyond that and reached a point of inclusion of anime in our pop cultures and costumes, giving rise to anime merchandise.

Every popular anime seems to have a t-shirt, wigs, keyholders, miniature toys among others made after them. Even anime cakes are not left out of the bid of the pop culture to replicate our favourite animated characters.

Just like every other one, the Soma Yukihira anime has given birth to several merchandised items, opening the door for more economic activities from it.

The protagonist of the anime, Food Wars, Soma Yukihira is one of the famous anime characters that have caught people’s hearts. Born into a family with a generation of cooks, Soma has always worked in his family restaurant. It is therefore no surprise that he keeps excelling after getting admitted into a culinary school.

Food Wars is an anime that motivates not just aspiring chefs but also many other young people. The lesson learned about not getting intimidated, holding out, and believing in oneself is invaluable. The movie also goes further to show the spirit of healthy competition, which in turn leads to growth. The importance of friendship, as well as self-realization, was also enumerated. It is therefore no wonder when many merchandise items are made after the movie, some of which we can explore.

Soma Yukihira merchandises that you might want to check out

1. Clothes

The most common pop culture film merchandize is clothes. Ranging from T-shirts to trousers, jackets, hoodies, scarves, and even shoes that either has a picture of the anime character or replicate the one he wore in the movie, both children, teenagers, and even young adult favours adorning clothing items that remind them of their perfect friend. Or where else do you find someone perfect if not in fiction?

2. Apron

What is more satisfying for a food war lover who happens to be a chef or loves cooking herself than to replicate her favourite in the kitchen. With the soma yukihira apron, which is a replica of what Soma Yukihira himself wears when he is making his culinary masterpieces, you might just be another Yukihira whipping up heaven right in your kitchen

3. Home décor:

Home decoration items which include wall art, acrylic figures, anime canvass painting, and even 3D décor lamp modeled after the food war protagonist are all available in shops. Ther are good options to create a fantasy of your favourite animation character, right in your own space.

4. Wig

Inspired by Soma’s own dark red and blue short spiky hair with bangs, the Soma Yukihira wig is available for sale on different platforms and costume shops. It is the perfect Halloween costume idea for anyone looking to replicate the favourite anime chef.

5. Toys and keychains

Toys and small party favours like keychains made after the Food War are not left out. A child who is a fan of food wars might just get a fantasy birthday party where his friends are served with Some Yukihira plates, cups and even get party favours that are made from the movies.


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