Are you one of them who bought Balenciaga Track sneakers and are still confused about whether they are real or fake? If you are looking for a way to learn to make a difference between original vs. fake alenciaga track, you are right place.

This article has listed some tips and tricks that you can follow to check and determine whether your Balenciaga tracks are real or fake. Now, let’s start our journey towards truth.

But before all this, we like to mention that one of the most reliable ways to counterfeit Balenciaga track sneakers is to go for the vintaging place. And by vintaging, we mean s sewing of the shoe.

1. Check the Box Label

This method can be beneficial for real vs. fake Balenciaga track comparison because the original track box label has a shoe monogram on the left and right. Unlike the authentic Balenciaga, the fake one has only one shoe. On the fake box label, the number and barcode are too thick, while the original one has thin.

2. Check the Laces of the Balenciaga pair.

When you see the laces of the authentic Balenciaga track shoes, you find them very smooth, and the replica one has laces that look very creased.

3. Check the “BALENCIAGA” text.

One of the most prominent differences between fake and real Balenciaga track shoes is the single text “BALENCIAGA .”The letter “E” is too thin, and the letter “C” is too stretched on the copy of the track pairs.

4. Check Tongue Tags

Take a look at the pair of tongue tags. You can easily differentiate and tell which one is fake by only looking at the stitching.

The real tongue tag is larger and has neat stitching, but the fake one has asymmetrical stitching that looks bad. The quality of the tags is also different; you can tell that a fake one is cheaply made just by looking at the symbols.

5. Check the Sole Brightness

The best way to check the sole brightness, analyze it in the dark. The authentic Balenciaga track shoes have the shiniest sole, unlike the copy pair of tracks whose sole shines like a radiograph.

6. Check the Stitching

The most reliable way to differentiate between original and replica is to look at the vintaging stitching. The real one has more visible lines than the fake one.

7. Check the Bottom

The Balenciaga is famous for making its tracks look good, even at the bottom. And that’s the key point that makes a difference between fake and real Balenciaga track shoes because copy manufacturers did not pay much attention to this point. The real track sneakers have a dazzling and bright orange look while the copy one has washed put look.

8. Check the “Track” Tag.

By looking, you will see differences everywhere. Take a look at the “track” tag; the authentic pair has the washed-out color of words that perfectly goes with the gray background. At the same time, the copy pair has a different look with a larger letter that looks bad and not appealing at all.


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