Human hair bundles are a lifesaver for people experiencing hair problems. They play a crucial role in covering those problems. Furthermore, the popularity of 100% virgin hair bundles has been growing tremendously over recent years. A major contributor to the popularity rise is its affordability and high performance. Many hair suppliers in the market have different qualities for their hair. Therefore, it is crucial to have all the details about bundles before purchasing. Here is a list of things to consider before buying the hair bundles.

1. The texture of the human hair bundles

The texture of the hair bundles you like should play a vital part in your buying choice. The best factor to consider in your bundle is fashionable and long-lasting hair. Furthermore, there are very many styles to choose from in the market. Some trendy ones include; kinky, curly, straight, ombre, body wave, water wave and several other hair bundles. Therefore, ensure to research the texture you want before you buy.

2. Customization

Some of the best weave suppliers in the market offer customization option. Therefore, consider whether you want your wig customized or not before you buy. You should also note that customization may make your weave more expensive. Therefore, ensure to consider every aspect of hair bundle customization before purchase.

3. Type of hair on the human hair bundles

The type of hair present on the human hair bundles should be the first thing you look into in your buying process. It would help decide whether you want a 100% bundle with frontals, closures, or virgin bundles. Furthermore, if you are going for a more natural hairline, the bundle with closure or frontals should be one you buy. Also, if you want to go for affordability, the virgin hair bundles are the cheapest ones. Therefore, ensure to consider what you prioritize.

4. Source of hair

Most of the hair bundles come from real human hair donors. Some of the main common types include; Malaysian, Peruvian, Brazilian, and Indian. The Peruvian hair can have a silky-medium glow, wavy, straight, or curly hair. The Indian hair can have; high brightness and is heavily curly. The Malaysian hair can be heavy, curly, and silky. At the same time, Brazilian hair can have high brightness, wavy or straight, or curly hair. The type of hair you pick should depend on the desires you want for your hair.

5. Number of human hair bundles

The number of bundles you require is essential to consider in your buying decision. Not all individuals are the same regarding how thick they want their hair. Some need them thick and others thin. If you are going to go for the fullest hair possible, you should consider 4 bundles. But if you want the normal kind of full, go for 3 bundles. Therefore, the type of bundle you pick should go well with your vision and requirements.

6. Human hair grade

The different human hair grades present in the market include; 10A, 9A, 8A, and 7A. The different grades represent the level of quality; the 10A is the highest level of quality. It is also the most expensive one in the market.


Human hair bundles play a crucial role in deciding how natural your weave will look on you. Therefore, it is always essential to buy a suitable bundle for you. The above features will help lead you to buy the right bundle.


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