Bathroom remodeling usually involves various small and large-scale changes, and every change comes with consequences. When setting the bathroom fixtures, even the minor elements can profoundly impact the comfort and fixtures’ accessibility.

The shower is one of the essential elements of the bathroom that demands your attention from selection to installation. You should consider many factors when installing the shower head, one of which is the height.

The professional plumbers set some shower head height standards to minimize confusion and maximize the shower functionality. 80 inches is the standard shower head height that is widely followed all around.

But is 80 inch is the only height standard?

Definitely not! Because not every bathroom we visit has the same shower height. But how to figure out which shower head height is ideal for your bathroom?

This article will discuss some factors on which the shower head height depends. So, let’s get started!

Factors To Consider When Deciding Shower Head Height

As 80-inch is not the only height standard that is used today, these are some factors that can influence shower head height;

#1 Shower Head Type

It might be surprising for you to know that the shower head height varies from type to type. It is because all the shower head types have their specific demands for proper functioning. Here are some commonly used shower heads with the respective height ratios;

· Rain Showerhead Height

Rain showerheads are a bit different than other shower head types that use a single water pressure direction to target a specific area. These showers are installed right above the person’s head to pour water directly with wide coverage.

Based on the installation point (wall or ceiling), the height of this type can vary from 80-84 inches from the floor.

· Handheld Showerhead Height

The handheld shower head is designed for easy accessibility, so the height of these showers is slightly lower than rain or wall-mounted. 72-78 inches is the standard height for these showerheads. When picking the handheld shower head with hose, the hose should be 60-65 inches with a flexible design.

Other than these fixed-heighted designs, the shower heads also come with adjustable height designs. These types use sliding bars and adjustable arms for height change.

#2 Bathroom Type

Unlike the residential bathrooms, the commercial building bathroom showers have bit different height ranges. It is because these bathrooms have visitors of different heights up to 7 feet.

So, if you are designing a hotel bathroom, avoid placing the shower head from a height of fewer than 80 inches. However, adjustable height showers are highly recommended for such places.

#3 Available Space in Your Bathroom

The shower head’s height also depends on your bathroom size. Simply put, the higher the shower, the more the water splashes are to the long distance. So, if your bathroom has limited space, place the shower head at average height or use enclosed shower systems.


Hopefully, this guide will help you decide the most appropriate height for your shower. If you haven’t purchased a shower head yet, visit Declinko for all types of innovative, functional, long-lasting, and classy shower heads.


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