You can not classify yourself as a wig lover if you do not own a closure wig. These Wigs are adorable to wear, and they stand out because of their excellent designs. Most closure wigs come with a lace material to give them a natural look. The Lace usually adopts the color of your skin. Usually, these laces come as transparent, so your skin color balances on them. Because of the natural appearance of closure wigs, they are becoming a popular wig option globally. Almost every wig lover wants to own a closure wig, increasing the demand. Since the manufacturers are servants to the market’s demand, there are different types of closure wigs available. There are three main types of closure wigs you will come across when you buy. You have the middle part closure, the free part closure, and the three-part closure. These three may all be closure wigs, but when worn, you may think they are very different.

The middle part closure wigs only allow you to style your wig closure through the middle. Therefore, you are a bit limited when it comes to styles. The three-part closure wigs, on the other hand, allow for a design into three parts. So there is a little bit of design liberty. The free part closure wigs allow you to style your closure wig in every way possible. Therefore, you have complete freedom. Regardless of the type of closure wig you choose, keeping your wig on is what matters. Of course, before you worry about your wig staying on properly, you should bother about wearing the wig well. In this guide, we will go over how you can wear a closure wig and keep it standing firm over time.

Braid your hair

Whether your hair is long or short, you need it to be flat before putting on a wig. Cutting your hair is an option to have your hair flat but will affect the possibility of making your hair later. Instead, you can Braid your natural hair in equal parts to keep it flat. That way, you will not struggle to keep the hair on.

Wear a wig cap

Whether you cut your hair or Braid it, you should not wear your wig without a wig cap. The wig cap keeps your hair from protruding out to spoil the design of the wig cap. Also, the wig cap is a great way to get the alignment of your wig. Because the wig cap covers most or all of your hair, you want to ensure your wig stays ahead of the wig cap.

Check the skin for sensitivities

You may need to use a wig tape or adhesive to keep your closure wig firm on your head. Before you go through this process, you should ensure that you do not have any skin irritations or allergies. After confirming, ensure you use wig tape when you do not want a long-term firmness. But use the adhesive if you want a firm wig.

Always confirm

After you have followed the processes above, ensure you confirm if the hair is firm. You can quickly shake hair to ensure it remains in its position. After that, you also need to be sure you don’t over perform strenuous activities with the hair.


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