What are water brooms? Water brooms are reliable pressure washer attachments used to clean flat surfaces easily, quickly, and uniformly. They can also be used to wash driveways, boat decks, sidewalks, and a few other flat surfaces. This attachment is more suitable for flat surfaces than a pressure washer because they are faster, clean more thoroughly, and use less water than pressure washers.

You may think that flat surfaces are easy to clean, and you are right, but that is only in some cases, as some of these surfaces may require time and attention. Water brooms eliminate time and make cleaning less strenuous. All you have to do is connect it to the pressure washing wand and then clean the surface. This is better than simply using the pressure washer’s wand spray on the surface as it gets the job done quicker and easier.

When you use a water broom together with a pressure washer, you will be surprised at how effective the cleaning gets as the water broom spreads the water to reach a wider area compared to using the pressure washer’s wand alone. Below are the common types of water brooms that will work wonders on any flat surface.

The Common Types of Water Brooms

High-pressure water brooms

This comes in two forms; small water broom and large water broom. Small water brooms produce a maximum pressure of 4,000 PSI, similar to large water brooms. However, while the former has a full water flow of 6.0, the latter has 8.0 GPM.

Other features of the small water broom include an inlet of one-quarter inches, twelve inches’ width, three nozzles, and a weight of 3.5 pounds. On the other hand, the large water broom is sixteen inches wide, has four nozzles, weighs 4.5 pounds, and has a similar inlet measurement as its counterpart.

Low-pressure water brooms

The low-pressure water brooms come in the form of large water pressure brooms. This tool is the right one for larger surface areas such as sidewalks, driveways, tennis courts, restaurant drive-throughs, and parking lots without using heavy equipment.

It is designed so that the water flow is produced forward via spurts as you walk, so debris is pushed forward while cleaning. The tool comprises a special aluminum pipe with a pistol grip valve to regulate water flow. It comes in different widths for the large spray with protective sheaths for both ends of the attachment.

This water broom generates a minimum pressure of 60 PSI and a maximum of 900 PSI. It has a width of 24 inches to 56 inches depending on the model you purchase. This device is not too heavy as it weighs between five to seven pounds. A bonus feature is a warranty for 90 days when you get this machine.


Water brooms are the latest and most efficient surface cleaners that are easy to use and less demanding. Their pros outweigh their cons as they save time, fuel, water, and money. Get yourself one today and enjoy an even and fast cleaning operation on any flat surface.


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