You can without activating a mobile data package from your network provider a physical SIM card by using an industry-standard digital SIM called an eSIM. The eSIM on iPhone devices functions just like the eSIM on other eSIM-compatible devices. Every iPhone phone features an integrated chip where, after purchasing a Digital SIM card from your local operator or an overseas eSIM carrier, you can download and install it.

The Bytesim eSIM card for India is one choice we can discuss. In particular, they provide you with free switching between various operators for improved signal quality and high-speed internet as compared to other ISPs. The india esim is a widely used network in India. Airtel is unquestionably the best option in the majority of places. If you have an iPhone, you can learn how to install and activate your eSIM in the section below.

Setup an eSIM on an iPhone

Your iPhone will be activated with an eSIM if you bought an In the United States, the iPhone 14 model. Turn on your iPhone and adhere to the steps to enable your eSIM, follow these steps. Via Network Enrollment for eSIM, eSIM Immediate Transfer, or another method, follow the steps below option.

On, use eSIM Carrier Registration the iPhone

Contact your network provider to transfer you’re the telephone number for you smartphone with eSIM Network Identification scanning A short code supplied by your network operator if you’re switching to an iPhone (from, say, an Android phone).

If your network provider put up eSIM Carrier Activation after you asked them for an eSIM after setting up your iPhone:

  • When the message “Provider Mobile Data Plan Ready to Be Installed” displays, touch it.
  • Tap Provider Mobile Data Plan Ready to Be Installed in the Settings app.
  • At the bottom of the screen, click Continue.
  • To check your iPhone’s mobile data connectivity, give it a call. Call your network provider if you are unable to make a call.
  • If the plan you activated takes the place of the SIM card on your physical device, remove it. Restart your iPhone after that.

Convert a Physical Sim To An eSIM On the Same Phone

If your network operator supports it, you can switch an iPhone from using a physical SIM to one that uses an eSIM. Take these actions:

  • Select Mobile Data under Settings on your iPhone.
  • Click the eSIM button.
  • Your network provider does not support switching to an eSIM if you are unable to see it. To sync your phone number with your iPhone number from a physical SIM to an eSIM utilizing eSIM Carrier Enrollment or by capturing a QR code, get in touch with your network provider.
  • Tap Mobile Data Plan Convert.
  • Click the eSIM button.
  • Await the activation of your eSIM. Once the mobile data plan on your iPhone is active, your old SIM card will be deactivated.
  • Your iPhone’s hardware SIM should be removed. Restart your iPhone after that.


The eSIM on iPhone devices functions just like the eSIM on other eSIM-compatible devices. It may only require turning on your device and following the on-screen instructions, depending on the model of the iPhone you have and where you purchased it. If you bought your phone directly from your carrier, everything should go off without a hitch.


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