It is often said that necessity is the mother of invention. Having a tiny house with a small space would leave you seeking space saving ideas. A bunk couch is a wonderful innovation with the idea of bringing your bed and couch into one.

It is a quick and innovative way to save room space and time by turning your couch into a Bunk bed in the quickest possible time. A manufacturer of this great innovation, Luonto, describes it as “a modern marvel of engineering”.

Multiple Designs of Bunk Couches

Several companies have been involved in the production of this furniture. They show off multiple designs to achieve this work of art. They come in a wide range of styles, sizes and colours for you to make a selection from.

Some of the manufacturers are:

Coupe Sofa

This bunk sofa is designed by Proteas. It is a furniture manufacturing company based in Greece. It offers to turn your couch into a bunk bed in approximately 14 seconds. Its conversion is so easy that it can be done by only one person.

The couch is said to come with two bunk beds incorporated in it. To convert it, you need to first take off the top cushion and pull the seating area. The seating area will move up as the upper bunk bed and the second bed can be pulled out from its base. A ladder is fixed to the second bed which makes climbing to the upper bed easier.

This bunk couch can conveniently hold the weight of an adult.

DOC Sofa Bunk Couch

This type of bunk bed is a contemporary couch solution designed in Italy. It is simple to convert and is perfect for any apartment and many other applications. It is produced in a wide variety of fabrics and finishing. It is produced in orange, purple or red.

To be able to convert into a bunk, first you will have to adjust the side pillows to the middle and raise up the seating area at an angle. The base of the couch is then flipped over top. This forms the upper bunk. The raised seating area can then be put back down as this forms the bottom bunk. The top bunk has a ladder attached to it for easy climbing.

Luonto Elevate Bunk Bed

The Luonto Elevate transforms from a sofa to a bunk bed with ease. It comes with a zippered chamber to hold pillows and straps to keep the bed in place.

To convert to a bunk bed, all that is needed is to raise the base all the way to the top. This base forms the top bunk. Guardrails are added to the sides of the mattress for safety to keep one from falling off. The ladder is attached to the top bunk.

The bottom bed is revealed when its base is flipped over.


This innovation is a great one and will definitely come in handy for sleepovers and also when you are having guests around with little apartment space. Not only does it provide ample seating and sleeping space, it also provides comfort.


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