Vapes have become a trend in the present society. Not every vape user is fighting mental trauma; some just come to enjoy the smoking sensation. Such users prefer a nicotine-free e-fluid so that they get the pleasure and yet take in no nicotine. Various devices and models have come into the market for users who want the puffing game. Such robust devices produce a cloud of thick smoke and are perfect for users who prefer a nicotine-free vape. Tank mods are the most favorable vape pod systems for such use.

Techniques for making appealing clouds

If you are interested in performing tricks using a vape, you must keep in mind that when an e-fluid containing nicotine is inhaled in the lungs, it loses its thickness. For puffing purposes, a nicotine-free e-fluid is the best option. When such an e-fluid is exhaled, it produces a cloud of thick smoke. Such clouds are what a non-addictive nicotine user wants. So, if clouds of thick smoke are what we need, a nicotine-free e-fluid is the best option available in town. It gives a pleasing sensation and a delightful feeling that most users look upon.

Why are tank mods best for puffing?

The thickness of a cloud a vape can produce depends on its atomizer; the more potent the atomizer of a vape, the thicker the clouds formed when e-fluid is exhaled from the mouth. The atomizer in tank mods is the most powerful. This is why they are the best vapes available for puffing purposes and performing tricks. They are bulkier devices with a higher level of nicotine delivery and give a remarkable experience to a veteran vaper.

Features of tank mods

  • Tank mods possess the most potent atomizers and are best for puffing.
  • Strong atomizers deliver the best flavor, making tank mods the most flavorful vapes.
  • They contain coils with low heat resistance.
  • They are strong and prove to be a sensational experience for a vapor using simple devices.
  • Their battery is more significant than that of other vapes, and they last longer.

Variety among tank mods

One can find a diverse variety among tank mods. People nowadays look for things which are to fit their lifestyle, in accordance with their needs and their type. They opt for items that are suitable for them. If a buyer is looking for immense pleasure, one can go for any of the below.


  • This top high-quality device has an adjustable power system to be compatible with almost all coils.
  • It has a 0.69’’ OLED screen which makes all details clearly visible to the users.
  • This extremely fine device is scratch resistant and feels cozy when held in hand.
  • Consists of a battery of 2000mAh capacity, which lasts longer than a variety of compatible devices.


  • This excellent device has an airflow control system which seems ideal for both mouth-to-lung or restricted direct-to-lung vaping.
  • Simplified technology provides the vaper with an easy-to-use device.
  • It consists of a highly advanced AXON chip which gives you a robust and flavorful hit with every puff.


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