A polyolefin shrink film roll is a type of packaging material that you can use to wrap and protect your products. The POF is made of polyolefin that will shrink when you expose it to heat. Heating the sheet will make it a tight and secure fit around your product.

There are many benefits to using this type of film such as its ability to protect against moisture, dust, and other environmental factors. Choosing the right shrink film roll for your needs can be tricky so it is crucial to consider the application and the cost before deciding.

Using polyolefin shrink film rolls is relatively simple but people make a few common mistakes that can ruin the packaging process. Avoiding these mistakes will ensure that your products are properly protected and your packaging looks great.

What is Polyolefin Shrink Film Roll?

Polyolefin shrink film rolls are a type of plastic film that is used in a variety of packaging applications. The film is made from a polymer material, which can be either LLDPE or HDPE.

Two Types Of Films

There are two main types of polyolefin shrink film rolls: cast and blown. Cast films are made by extruding the molten polymer onto a cooled surface, while blown films are made by extruding the polymer into a bubble and then cooling it. Blown films have better optical properties and tear resistance than cast films.

Their Classification

Polyolefin shrink film rolls can also be classified by their thickness, which is typically measured in microns (µm). Thin films (<25 µm) are used for applications such as food packaging, where they provide good barrier properties and clarity. Medium-weight films (25-100 µm) are often used for general purpose packaging, such as retail packaging or industrial packaging. Heavy-weight films (>100 µm) are used for applications where high strength and puncture resistance is required, such as pallet wrapping or stretch hooding.

Common Mistakes to Avoid when Using Polyolefin Shrink Film Rolls

Applying Too Much Heat

One of the most common mistakes made when using polyolefin shrink film rolls is applying too much heat. This can cause the film to warp or melt which will ruin the item you are trying to protect. When using a heat gun, always start with the lowest setting and work your way up until you find the right balance.

Not Accounting for Variations in Temperature

Another mistake that is often made is not accounting for variations in temperature. Polyolefin shrink film rolls are designed to be used in a variety of environments, but they will not perform well if the temperature fluctuates too much. If you are using the film in an area that is prone to temperature changes, make sure to take this into account when choosing the right roll.

Underestimating the Time Needed for Cooling

Finally, many people underestimate the amount of time needed for cooling. After applying the heat, it is important to allow enough time for the film to cool completely before moving on to the next step. Otherwise, you may end up with a wrinkled or damaged product.


Now that you’ve got the basic idea of common mistakes when using a POF shrink film roll and have understood the proper meaning of the product, it’s time to buy one for your next packaging session. If you’re having difficulties in choosing the right product, you can consider KEEPTOP packaging for some quality film rolls.


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