If you want to rock the Bape shirt, you need to know how to wear it. A Bape shirt is a statement piece, so make sure you know how to style it. These shirts are known for their bold designs and bright colours, which make them stand out in any crowd.

But what is it about Bape shirts that makes them so special? And how can you wear yours to look good? Here are some tips on how to wear your bape shirt:

Wear Them with Jeans or Joggers

Bape shirts look great with jeans and joggers because they provide a nice contrast between the two items. The colour difference between the two will make your outfit stand out and it gives an edgy vibe that makes you look cool and trendy at the same time. There are plenty of options available in this category such as shorts, trousers, dresses and skirts so there is something for everyone! You should also make sure that these items are not too tight so that they do not look out of place when worn together – try loose clothing instead!

Pair Them with Sneakers or Boots

Bape shirts also look great with sneakers or boots because they complement each other very well. The colour of your shoes will depend on what kind of pants you’re wearing but in general, it’s always better if you choose a contrasting colour between your shoes and pants so that they don’t blend together too much. The best thing about wearing Bape shirts with sneakers is that it gives off a laidback look.

Wear them with shorts

When it comes to Bape shirts, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind before buying one for yourself. First of all, make sure that the design on it is not too loud or else it will not look good at all when paired up with shorts. Secondly, try matching your shoes with other accessories like belts, watches etc so that they complement each other as well as your outfit. Thirdly, avoid wearing any accessories like rings or bracelets if possible because they might clash with your shirt’s design or colour scheme which can ruin the entire look altogether.

Layer It Under a Blazer or Jacket

Keep your outfit simple so that your shirt can be the focus of your look. A layered look is perfect for this type of garment because it creates an interesting silhouette while keeping things interesting. The shirt can also be used to add some colour to an otherwise neutral outfit.

Don’t Be Afraid to Mix and Match Colours or Patterns

Bape has a lot of different patterns and colons available in their designs, which means there are plenty of options for mixing and matching them with other pieces in your wardrobe. You can also try combining different styles together for a unique look that suits your personal style!


At the end of it all, the final decision on what to wear with your bape shirt or hoodie, rests with you. One thing you must never forget, bape shirts are unique statement pieces, so it should not really stress you on what to wear to complement its style. You can choose to dress a simple outfit, so that the bape shirt remains the focal point or vice versa. You can be sure to dress as you please with a guarantee of a breathtaking outlook.


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