The UWELL devices are becoming the favorite of vapers all over the world. The sleek look and stylish design ensure its high sales every day. They are simple and yet able to grab the attention of many customers. Every latest device features advanced design and upgrades to surprise the vapers every time. They have a compact size that is easy to carry in the pocket or purse. These Uwell devices are the funky and cool style that gives you a nice look. These devices have comfortable lip fitting assuring an excellent experience. In this article, you will learn about various Uwell products available in the market and can choose the suitable one for you.

Uwell Products That Are Trending In The Market

1. Uwell Crown

Uwell crown is a portable device having a sleek look. It has an aluminum body and comes with a refill cartridge. It is highly adaptable to the airflow to give you the maximum flavor in every puff. You can easily carry it in your purse or pocket because it is lightweight and compact.

2. Uwell Caliburn

Uwell Caliburn has a multi-control button where one button controls several functions. It has a slender body to give you a comfortable grip. It has a 3ml capacity and you don’t have to refill it again and again for a longer period. It has an adjustable airflow system and a dual firing mechanism.

3. Uwell Valyrian

Uwell Valyrian has an integrated 1250mAh battery for high endurance. It has a holding capacity of 3ml with an active button fire mode with a comfortable lip-fitting design. Uwell Valyrian has an integrated 1250mAh battery for high endurance with a holding capacity of 3ml, and you can replace the coil inside for a prolonged life at a lower cost.

4. Kalmia

Uwell Kalmia is named after the Kalmia flower. It has a portable lightweight body and is pen style vape pen that is compact, simple, and comfortable. It has a 1.6ml capacity for e-liquid with a 400mAh battery with a capable output of 13W. It operates on draw activated firing mechanism and has an elegant design.

5. Cravat

Cravat has many features that are similar to Kalmia. It has a 300mAh battery with 9W capable output with a cartridge of 1.5ml e-liquid capacity. It is the slimmest pod out of all the pods made by Uwell. It is a cheaper alternative to vaping, and you can try it for maximum enjoyment.

6. Gabriel

Gabriel is quite convenient, portable, and looks super classy. It has a crystal-clear juice tank. It has sweet flavors that give you maximum taste and more cloud. You may find many vibrant colors in Gabriel, and the flavors don’t fade for a long time. It comes with a rechargeable battery. It has a beautiful LED indicator.

7. Popreel

You will get four flavors in Uwell Popreel, macron blue, apricot beige, milk-white, and apple green. Popreel is stylish and also has a great flavor. It can be used by beginners and can also be carried as a fashion accessory by anyone. It is portable and fulfills the daily needs of vapers.

8. Whirl

The specialty of the whirl is the child’s protection lock to keep it away from kids. Whirl has diverse flavors and different colors that can flaunt your personality. It is made up of PTCG and aluminum alloy material. It has a 1300mAh battery with a 3ml e-liquid capacity.

Conclusion is the brand that provides you with the best vaping experience because of the best products available here. You can choose any of these products and ensure great taste and stylish pods. This brand has a high reputation and has years of experience in vaping. They have different styles and flavors that you can enjoy at any time


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