A new and improved form of fire pit is introduced. These fire pits burn with the help of ethanol. The main benefit of these fire pits is that they are eco-friendly and completely safe for the environment. These do not give out heavy flames or any burning odor and have a long span. These Outdoor Fire Pits for Home are perfect in your lounges especially. These keep you warm and leave your house with a modern look.

Why should you get an ethanol fire pit?

Some apartments or houses do not have chimneys in them; hence you cannot install a fire pit in them. And installing them in flats may also cause a burning smell or even suffocation at times, as they need proper ventilation. If your house does not have a gas connection or it does not have enough space, these are the best choice for you. Ethanol fire pits are built in such a way that they can be placed on your tables. The best feature of this fire pit is that it does not require any connection or even ventilation. Not only do they provide you with heat, but it also enhances your house’s look. Ethanol table top fire pits come in different shapes and sizes, and you can buy any that is suitable to your house’s look. It’s the best alternative to wood or gas fire pits.

Enhance your lounge with fire pits

Ethanol fire pits are made up of different materials according to your preference. These are made of stainless steel and aluminum for a modern look for your house. Another one is made up of wood to give off an elegant look. And you can also find these table top fire pits in different styles made up of concrete painted with a stone grey color which radiates a vintage look.

What kind of fuel is used in ethanol fire pits

Ethanol fire pits require fluid for their burning. It is made up of isopropyl alcohol and ethanol fluid. These do not give any burning smell or ashes either. It keeps your air clean and emits a very small amount of CO2, which is safe, and a few vapors. And if it is a fire pit, it will definitely give off heat to keep your hand warm in winter. You can also smoke your marshmallows on it!

Ethanol fire pits ensure your safety.

Ethanol table top fire pits ensure your safety at an optimum level. It is completely safe for your environment. You can even use it inside your house without any danger of fire as no reaction takes place between fire and its fuel. It is safe for all ages and can be used around everyone conveniently. Even though they are perfectly safe, you should never add fuel for safety measures when the fire pit is turned on. And do not touch your fire pits when they are burning or have not cooled yet. Ethanol table top fire pits are exquisite for your house!


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